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A Size-Dependent Sodium Storage Mechanism in L(i)4Ti(5)O(12) Investigated by,a Novel Characterization Technique Combining in Situ X-ray Diffraction and Chemical Sodiation.

Yu, X. Q., Pan, H. L., Wan, W., Ma, C., Bai, J. M., Meng, Q. P., et al.

Nano Letters, 13(10), 4721-4727,2013IF=13.025


Two-Phase Electrochemical Lithiation in Amorphous Silicon.

Wang, J. W., He, Y., Fan, F. F., Liu, X. H., Xia, S. M., Liu, Y., et al.

Nano Letters, 13(2), 709-715,2013IF=13.025


Room-temperature stationary sodium-ion batteries for large-scale electric energy storage.

Pan, H. L., Hu, Y. S., & Chen, L. Q.

Energy & Environmental Science, 6(8), 2338-2360,2013IF=11.653


Superior Electrochemical Performance and Storage Mechanism of Na3V2(PO4)3 Cathode for Room-Temperature Sodium-Ion Batteries.

Jian, Z. L., Han, W. Z., Lu, X., Yang, H. X., Hu, Y. S., Zhou, J., et al.

Advanced Energy Materials, 3(2), 156-160,2013IF=10.043


Direct atomic-scale confirmation of three-phase storage mechanism in Li4Ti5O12 anodes for room-temperature sodium-ion batteries.

Sun, Y., Zhao, L., Pan, H. L., Lu, X., Gu, L., Hu, Y. S., et al.

Nature Communications, 4,2013IF=10.015


A new class of Solvent-in-Salt electrolyte for high-energy rechargeable metallic lithium batteries.

Suo, L. M., Hu, Y. S., Li, H., Armand, M., & Chen, L. Q.

Nature Communications, 4,2013IF=10.015


A zero-strain layered metal oxide as the negative electrode for long-life sodium-ion batteries.

Wang, Y. S., Yu, X. Q., Xu, S. Y., Bai, J. M., Xiao, R. J., Hu, Y. S., et al.

Nature Communications, 4,2013IF=10.015


Highly Ordered Mesoporous Crystalline MoSe2 Material with Efficient Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Activity and Enhanced Lithium Storage Performance.

Shi, Y. F., Hua, C. X., Li, B., Fang, X. P., Yao, C. H., Zhang, Y. C., et al.

Advanced Functional Materials, 23(14), 1832-1838,2013IF=9.765


Highly efficient core-shell CuInS2-Mn doped CdS quantum dot sensitized solar cells.

Luo, J.; Wei, H.; Huang, Q.; Hu, X.; Zhao, H.; Yu, R.; Li, D.; Luo, Y.; Meng, Q.

Chemical Communications49 (37), 3881-3883, 2013IF=6.378


Size-controlled synthesis and morphology evolution of bismuth trifluoride nanocrystals via a novel solvent extraction route.

Zhao, J. M., Pan, H. L., He, X., Wang, Y. S., Gu, L., Hu, Y. S., et al.

Nanoscale, 5(2), 518-522,2013IF=6.233


A rapid and scalable strategy to high quality inverse opal tin dioxide porous films.

Xiao, J.; Yang, L.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.,

Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (35), 5450-5453, 2013IF=6.101


Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of Graphene-like WS2.

Fang, X. P., Hua, C. X., Wu, C. R., Wang, X. F., Shen, L. Y., Kong, Q. Y., et al. 

Chemistry-aEuropean Journal, 19(18), 5694-5700,2013IF=5.831


Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Architectures Constructed by Graphene/MoS2 Nanoflake Arrays and Their Rapid Charging/Discharging Properties as Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes.

Yu, H. L., Ma, C., Ge, B. H., Chen, Y. J., Xu, Z., Zhu, C. L., et al.

Chemistry-a European Journal, 19(19), 5818-5823,2013IF=5.831


Perovskite Sr1-xCexCoO3-delta (0.05 <= x <= 0.15) as Superior Cathodes for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.

Yang, W., Hong, T., Li, S., Ma, Z. H., Sun, C. W., Xia, C. R., et al.

Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5(3), 1143-1148,2013IF=5.008


Simple Method for Manufacturing Pt Counter Electrodes on Conductive Plastic Substrates for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Gong, Y.; Li, C.; Huang, X.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.; Iversen, B. B.,  

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5 (3), 795-800;,2013IF=5.008


Panchromatic Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on a Parallel Tandem Structure.

Zhou, N.; Yang, Y.; Huang, X.; Wu, H.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.

Chemsuschem 6 (4), 687-692. 2013, IF=5.008


Recombination in SnO2-Based Quantum Dots Sensitized Solar Cells: The Role of Surface States.

Huang, Q.; Li, F.; Gong, Y.; Luo, J.; Yang, S.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Bai, X.; Meng, Q.,

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (21), 10965-10973;,2013, IF=4.814


Single-step in-situ preparation of thin film electrolyte for quasi-solid state quantum dot-sensitized solar cells.

Wang, S.; Zhang, Q.-X.; Xu, Y.-Z.; Li, D.-M.; Luo, Y.-H.; Meng, Q.-B.,

Journal of Power Sources 224, 152-157, 2013IF=4.675


Lithium storage in carbon-coated SnO2 by conversion reaction.

Guo, X. W., Fang, X. P., Sun, Y., Shen, L. Y., Wang, Z. X., & Chen, L. Q.

Journal of Power Sources, 226, 75-81,2013IF=4.675


Preparation and characterization of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4-delta thin films taking advantage of correlations with powder samples behavior.

Wang, L. P., Li, H., Courty, M., Huang, X. J., & Baudrin, E.

Journal of Power Sources, 232, 165-172,2013IF=4.675


Reduced graphene oxide film as a shuttle-inhibiting interlayer in a lithium-sulfur battery.

Wang, X. F., Wang, Z. X., & Chen, L. Q.

Journal of Power Sources, 242, 65-69,2013IF=4.675


Surface modification of Li1.2Mn0.54Co0.13Ni0.13O2 with conducting polypyrrole.

Wu, C. R., Fang, X. P., Guo, X. W., Mao, Y., Ma, J., Zhao, C. C., et al.

Journal of Power Sources, 231, 44-49,2013IF=4.675


A CoOx/carbon double-layer thin film air electrode for nonaqueous Li-air batteries.

Yang, Y., Sun, Q., Li, Y. S., Li, H., & Fu, Z. W.

Journal of Power Sources, 223, 312-318,2013IF=4.675


Flowerlike Co3O4 microspheres loaded with copper nanoparticle as an efficient bifunctional catalyst for lithium-air batteries.

Yang, W., Salim, J., Ma, C., Ma, Z. H., Sun, C. W., Li, J. Q., et al.

Electrochemistry Communications, 28, 13-16,2013IF=4.425


Electrochemical performances and volume variation of nano-textured silicon thin films as anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

Wang, Y. H., Liu, Y. P., Zheng, J. Y., Zheng, H., Mei, Z. X., Du, X. L., et al.

Nanotechnology, 24(42),2013IF=3.842


Electrochemical performances and volume variation of nano-textured silicon thin films as anodes for lithium-ion batteries

YanhongWang,Yaoping Liu, JieyunZheng,HaoZheng,Zengxia Mei, Xiaolong Du and Hong Li

Nanotechnology, 24, 424011 2013 (IF=3.842)


Broadband antireflection on silicon surface realized by Ag nanoparticle-patterned black silicon

Yan Wang,Yaoping Liu, Huili Liang, Zengxia Mei, Xiaolong Du

Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 15, 2345 2013 (IF=3.829).


Dual-band MgZnO ultraviolet pohotodetector integrated with Si

YaonanHou, Zengxia Mei, Huili Liang, Daqian Ye, ChangzhiGu, Xiaolong Du

Appl. Phys. Lett., 102,153510 2013 (IF=3.794).


Temperature-dependent lithium storage behavior in tetragonal boron (B-50) thin film anode for Li-ion batteries.

Ding, X. L., Lu, X., Fu, Z., & Li, H.

Electrochimica Acta, 87, 230-235,2013IF=3.777


Molten salt electrolyte based on alkali bis(fluorosulfonyl)imides for lithium batteries.

Liu, Y. L., Zhou, S. S., Han, H. B., Li, H., Nie, J., Zhou, Z. B., et al.

Electrochimica Acta, 105, 524-529,2013IF=3.777


Polypyrrole-NiO composite as high-performance lithium storage material.

Mao, Y., Kong, Q. Y., Guo, B. K., Shen, L., Wang, Z. X., & Chen, L. Q.

Electrochimica Acta, 105, 162-169,2013IF=3.777


Sulfur in hierarchically pore-structured carbon pillars as cathode material for lithium-sulfur batteries.

Wang, X. F., Fang, X. P., Guo, X. W., Wang, Z. X., & Chen, L. Q.

Electrochimica Acta, 97, 238-243,2013IF=3.777


Novel tandem structure employing mesh-structured Cu2S counter electrode for enhanced performance of quantum dot-sensitized solar cells.

Yang, Y.-Y.; Zhang, Q.-X.; Wang, T.-Z.; Zhu, L.-F.; Huang, X.-M.; Zhang, Y.-D.; Hu, X.; Li, D.-M.; Luo, Y.-H.; Meng, Q.-B.,

Electrochimica Acta 88, 44-50, 2013,IF=3.777


Investigation on New CuInS2/Carbon Composite Counter Electrodes for CdS/CdSe Cosensitized Solar Cells.

 Zhang, X.; Huang, X.; Yang, Y.; Wang, S.; Gong, Y.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.,

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5 (13), 5954-5960, 2013, IF=3.777


Band engineering of Cu2+ doped In2xZn3(1-x)S3 solid solution with high photocatalytic activity for H-2 production under visible light.

Li, F.; Chen, G.; Luo, J.; Huang, Q.; Luo, Y.; Meng, Q.; Li, D.

Catalysis Science & Technology 3 (8), 1993-1999, 2013IF=3.753


Electrospinning La0.8Sr0.2Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta tubes impregnated with Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9 nanoparticles for an intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathode.

Zhao, E. Q., Ma, C., Yang, W., Xiong, Y. P., Li, J. Q., & Sun, C. W.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38(16), 6821-6829,2013IF=3.548


A novel wavelength-adjusting method in InGaN-based light-emitting diodes

Zhen Deng, Yang Jiang, Ziguang Ma, Wenxin Wang, Haiqiang Jia, Junming Zhou, Hong Chen

Scientific Reports,3, 3389,2013,IF=2.927


A novel noble metal-free ZnS-WS2/CdS composite photocatalyst for H-2 evolution under visible light irradiation.

Chen, G.; Li, F.; Fan, Y.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.,

Catalysis Communications, 40, 51-54; 2013IF=2.915


Design and fabrication of a diffractive optical element as a spectrum-splitting solar concentrator for lateral multijunction solar cells.

Huang, Q.; Wang, J.; Quan, B.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, D.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.; Pan, L.; Wang, Y.; Yang, G.,

Applied Optics 52 (11), 2312-2319;,2013IF=2.915


Engineering of optically defect free Cu2O enabling exciton luminescence at room temperature

Junqiang Li, ZengxiaMei,Daqian Ye, HuiliLiang,LisuLiu,Yaoping Liu, A.Yu. Azarov ,Andrej Yu Kuznetsov and Xiaolong Du

Optical Materials Express,3, 2072 2013 (IF=2.616).


Selective nano-emitter fabricated by silver assisted chemical etch-back for multicrystalline solar cells

Yan Wang,Yaoping Liu, Tao Lai,HuiliLiang,Zhileili,Zengxia Mei, Fengming Zhang, Andrej Yu Kuznetsov, Xiaolong Du

RSCAdvances, 3, 15483 2013 (IF=2.562).


Graphene-MoO2 hierarchical nanoarchitectures: in situ reduction synthesis and high rate cycling performance as lithium-ion battery anodes.

Chen, Y. J., Di, X. P., Ma, C., Zhu, C. L., Gao, P., Li, J. Q., et al.

Rsc Advances, 3(39), 17659-17663,2013IF=2.562


The potential of eutectic mixtures as environmentally friendly, solvent-free electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells.

Huang, X.; Qin, D.; Zhang, X.; Luo, Y.; Huang, S.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.,

RSC Advances3 (19), 6922-6929,;2013, IF=2.562


Oxygen polarity and interfacial atomic arrangement in an MgxZn1-xO/C-MgO/sapphire heterostructure

Xiang He, Lin Gu, SandongGuo, Zhanglong Liu, Richeng Yu, Zengxia Mei, Xiaolong Du, Banggui Liu, Yuichi Ikuhara, and XiaofengDuan

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,16,145303 2013 (IF=2.528).


Molecular beam epitaxy growth of peak wavelength-controlled InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells for 4.3-μm mid-wavelength infrared detection

Zhenwu Shi, Lu Wang, Honglou Zhen, Wenxin Wang, Hong Chen

Nanoscale Research Letters,8, 310,2013,IF=2.52


Annealing Effects of Ti/Au Contact on N-MgZnO/P-Si Ultraviolet-B Photodetectors

YaonanHou,ZengxiaMei,HuiliLiang,DaqianYe,ChangzhiGu,XiaolongDu,andYicheng Lu

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 60, 3474 2013 (IF=2.062).


Realization of W-MgZnO epitaxial growth on BeO-buffered ZnO for UV-B photodetectors

Huili Liang,Zengxiamei,YaonanHou,Shuang Liang,Zhanglong Liu,Yaoping Liu,Junqiang Li,Xiaolong Du

J.Crystal Growth, 381,6 2013 (IF=1.552).


Influence of Si doping on the structural and optical properties of InGaN epilayers

Lu Ping-Yuan, Ma Zi-Guang, Su Shi-Chen, Zhang Li, Chen Hong, Jia Hai-Qiang, Jiang Yang, Qian Wei-Ning, Wang Geng, Lu Tai-Ping, He Miao

Chinese Physics B,10, 106803,2013,IF=1.148


Effect of InGaN “continuously graded” buffer layer on InGaN epilayer grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

Qian Wei-Ning, Su Shi-Chen, Chen Hong, Ma Zi-Guang, Zhu Ke-Bao, He Miao, Lu Ping-Yuan, Wang Geng, Lu Tai-Ping, Du Chun-Hua, Wang Qiao, Wu Wen-Bo, Zhang Wei-Wei

Chinese Physics B,10, 106106,2013,IF=1.148


Enhanced Performance in Perovskite Organic Lead Iodide Heterojunction Solar Cells with Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Back Contact.,   

Shi,J.; Dong, W.;Xu, Y.; Li,C.; Lv, S.; Zhu, L.; Dong, J.; Luo,Y.; Li, D.; Meng,Q.; Chen, Q.                                                      Chinese Physics Letters , 30(12), 128402,2013IF=0.811


The Influence of Graded AlGaN Buffer Thickness for Crack-Free GaN on Si(111) Substrates by using MOCVD

XU Pei-Qiang, JIANG Yang, MA Zi-Guang, DENG Zhen, LU Tai-Ping, DU Chun-Hua, FANG Yu-Tao, ZUO Peng, CHEN Hong

Chinese Physics Letters,2, 028101,2013,IF=0.811


Core-Shell Structured Sr0. 88Y0. 08TiO3-Ce0. 8Sm0. 2O1. 9 Composite as an Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Operating with CH4.

Yang, Wei, Ma, Zhaohui, Sun, Chunwen, & Chen, Liquan.

ECS Transactions, 57(1), 1313-1319,2013


ZnO nanoparticle based highly efficient CdS/CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cells.

Li, C.; Yang, L.; Xiao, J.; Wu, Y.-C.; Sondergaard, M.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q.; Iversen, B. B.,

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (22), 8710-8715, 2013




物理学报,15, 156106,2013,IF=1.016


碳基燃料 SOFC 阳极材料研究进展.

孙春文, 孙杰, 杨伟, 马朝晖, 李帅, 仙存妮, et al.

中国工程科学, 15(2), 77-87,2013



孙杰, 孙春文, 李吉刚, 周添, 董中朝, &陈立泉.

中国工程科学, 15(2), 98-106,2013