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2012 年文章发表情况

  1. Zhou, N.; Chen, G.; Zhang, X.; Cheng, L.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q., Highly efficient PbS/CdS co-sensitized solar cells based on photoanodes with hierarchical pore distribution. Electrochemistry Communications 2012, 20, 97-100. 
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  4. Yang, L.; Wang, J.; Zhang, Y.; Luo, Y.; Li, D.; Meng, Q., In Situ Optical Microspectroscopy Monitoring of Binary Colloidal Crystal Growth Dynamics via Evaporation-Induced Cooperative Self-Assembly. Langmuir 2012, 28 (9), 4160-4167.
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  8. 王小丽,王文新,江洋,马紫光,崔彦翔,贾海强,宋京,陈弘,具有超晶格应力调制结构的绿光 InGaN/GaN 多量子阱发光特性的研究. 发光学报 2012,32,1152
  9. Peiqiang Xu, Yang Jiang, Yao Chen, Ziguang Ma, Xiaoli Wang, Zhen Deng, Yan Li, Haiqiang Jia, Wenxin Wang, Hong Chen, Analyses of 2-DEG characteristics in GaN HEMT with AlN/GaN super-lattice as barrier layer grown by MOCVD. Nanoscale Research Letters 2012,7, 141
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  17. Junqiang Li, ZengxiaMei,Daqian Ye, Huili Liang, Yaoping Liu, Xiaolong Du: Growth of single-crystalline Cu2O (111) film on ultrathin MgO modified α-Al2O3 (0001) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy. J.Crystal.Growth. (2012)353,63.
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  24. He, Y.;Yu, X.;Li, G.;Wang, R.;Li, H.;Wang, Y.;Gao, H.;Huang, X.,Shape Evolution of Patterned Amorphous and Polycrystalline Silicon Microarray Thin Film Electrode Caused by Lithium Insertion and Extraction. Journal of Power Sources 2012, 216, 131-138.
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